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PS Series

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders

1½” – 14″ Bore

The PS Series cylinder is manufactured under the same conditions as the PC Series.  The stainless steel construction aids in resisting chemical corrosion.

PS Series Brochure

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Integrated Check Cushion Seal 

The optional cushion seals provided with the PC and PS Series cylinders are one piece units which allow both radial and axial floating, to eliminate alignment problems. Their double action feature also eliminates the need for a check valve which requires constant maintenance. 

At the end of a stroke, this cushion seal permits air to exit through the needle valve orifice only. On the return stroke, the cushion seal allows air to pass behind the piston thus obtaining a much more rapid return. 

The RDC Control needle valve is designed with extra fine threads (UNEF) to obtain an easy and precise adjustment. These needle valves are normally situated on side no. 2 of the cylinder. In the case of trunnion mounting (T1, T2 and T3), the needle valve is positioned on side no. 3 of the cylinder.

Standard Piston Wear Strip 

All standard pistons on PC and PS Series pneumatic cylinders are equipped with a bronze and glass impregnated teflon wear band. In addition to giving the piston a more secure fit, the self lubricating feature protects the interior surface and adds to the life of the cylinder. 

Cartridge Type Gland Bushing 

The gland bushing of the PC and PS Series cylinders is designed for easy removal, thus allowing easy seal maintenance without dismantling the entire cylinder. For piston rod diameters less than or equal to 1 3/4, a simple wrench may be used. For piston rod diameters greater than 1 3/4, the nonthreaded glandbushing is held in place with a removable bolted-on plate.

Cushion Seal

A floating urethane seal that also serves as a check valve, to allow the piston for a rapid start.


Made from steel, it secures the piston to the piston rod. Replaced with a standard nut for non-cushioning applications.

Head and Cap

Numerically controlled machined, from hot rolled 316L stainless steel plates.

Barrel Seal

A nitrile O ring.

Piston Packings

Pressure sensitive double lip seals for better sealing and durability.

Cylinder Barrel

Heavy walled 316 stainless steel tube that has a polished chromed interior.

Tie Rods and Nuts

High strength 303 stainless steel along with stainless steel nuts.

Gland Bushing

Cartridge type made from delrin. Seals can be replaced without dismantling the cylinder.

Piston Rod

Made from polished chrome plated stainless steel #316.

Piston Wear Strip

It consists of a teflon tape filled with particles of glass and bronze, for smoother piston operation.


Bore size from 3 1/4 to 8:
Numerically controlled machined, from high strength aluminum barstock (6061-T6).
Bore size from 10 to 14:
Made from high quality steel.

Cushion Plunger

Free floating to allow for proper centering. Made from mild steel.

Cushion Adjustment Screw

Manufactured from #303 stainless steel, complete with extra fine threads to obtain precise adjustment.

Seals and Packing

U CUP and O RING used for added security. A high durometer nitrile material is offered as a standard for a temperature rating from -34°C to 80°C (-30°F to 180°F). For temperature ranges of up to 250°C (450°F), fluorocarbon (viton) seals and packings are available.

Rod Wiper

Stops dust and other particles from entering into the cylinder. Standard material is polyurethane. It can be replaced by fluorocarbon (viton) for higher temperature applications.