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Valve Actuators – Pneumatic Actuators

PA Series

Pneumatic Cylinders for Valve Actuation

3¼” – 36″ Bore

150 PSI (1000KPA) Rated

The PA Series of linear valve actuators are designed to automate process valves. Heavy-duty design, choice materials, and seal configuration provide trouble free performance. RDC’s PA Series can be adapted to any process valve requiring a linear movement and can be accessorized in-house with solenoid valves, position feedback, lock-outs, manual overrides, and fail safe systems. AWWA C-541 and Full Stainless Steel option also available.

PA Series Brochure

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Piston Packing

2 pressure sensitive U cups for better sealing and durability.

Head and Cap

Numerically controlled machined from hot rolled steel plates ASTM A36 or better.

Cylinder Barrel

Bore size from 3 1/4” to 36”:
Composite barrel, specifically designed for cylinder tubing for weight reduction and corrosion resistance. Steel barrel or Stainless Steel available as option.

Tie Rods and Nuts

Bore size from 3 1/4″ to 36”:
Made from high strength stressproof steel with zinc plated steel nuts Grade 5 or better. Stainless steel tie rods are also available on request along with stainless steel nuts.

Gland Bushing

Cartridge type, made from Bronze SAE 660. Seals can be replaced without dismantling the cylinder.

Piston Rod

High carbon content steel SAE 1045, ground, polished and chrome plated. (316 stainless steel or 17-4 PH available on request).


Bore size from 3 1/4″ to 8”:
Numerically controlled machined from high strength aluminum bar stock (6061-T6).
Bore size from 10” to 36″:
Made from mild steel. A wear strip is added on the outside diameter to protect the tube from side load and assure a perfect fit.

Seals and Packing

“U” CUP AND “O” RING used for added security. A high durometer nitrile material is offered as a standard with a temperature rating of -34°C to 120°C (-30°F to 250°F). For temperature range up to 250°C (450°F), fluorocarbon (viton) seals and packings are available. For lower temperatures to -50°C, low temperature nitrile and urethane seals are available.

Rod Wiper

Prevents dust and other particles from entering into the cylinder. Standard material is polyurethane for standard and low temperature applications. It can be replaced by fluorocarbon (viton) for higher temperature applications.

Piston Wear Strip

Bore size from 10” to 36”:
A Teflon band filled with particles of bronze and glass, for smoother piston operation.