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Thermocouple Types – General Application

Adjustable Spring Style

Adjustable spring thermocouple fits a large range of hole depths. Bends to any angle, eliminating the requirement to stock numerous styles.

Adjustable Armor Style

Adjustable armor thermocouple fits a large range of hole depths. Bends to any angle, eliminating the requirement to stock numerous styles. Stainless steel hose offers additional lead protection in demanding applications.

Small & Large Diameter Rigid Sheath Style

Rigid sheath provides protection and accurate placement through bulkheads or platens. Use with a compression fitting for water tight immersion application. Bent rigid tube offers protection and accurate lead placement around machinery.

Small & Large Diameter Rigid Sheath With Threaded Fitting

Rigid sheath with threaded fitting provides accurate placement in process applications.

Flange Style

The flanged thermocouple allows rapid assembly and low profile when going through bulkheads.

Rigid Sheath Fixed Bayonet Style

Bayonet fittings allow rapid attachment.Spring pressure on the junction tip assures fast response time. This style of bayonet fitting is quick connecting and allows leads to exit with a protective sheath.

Flexible Extensions and Harnesses

Flexible extensions allow the disconnecting of thermocouples from a system without disturbing the remaining wiring.

Insulated Wire Thermocouple

Constructed insulated thermocouple wire are economical and versatile with the option of an exposed or protected measuring junction. There are suitable for most general purpose applications, such as measuring air, gas and surface temperatures. With an encapsulated measuring junction this thermocouple is ideal for corrosive fluids and gases applications. There are available with fiberglass insulated or teflon lead wire.

Ring Terminal Style

The nickel terminal can be placed beneath existing screws or bolts to permit surface temperature measurement.

Pipe Clamp Style

The stainless steel clamp allows temperature measurement without drilling or tapping. Ideal for measuring pipe temperatures.

Grommet Style

Extremely low profile of the stainless steel or copper grommet provides fast response time.

Melt Bolt Thermocouple

Melt bolt thermocouples are designed so that the sensitive closed end portion of the tip can be inserted directly into the plastic stream of an extruder or injection molding machine. The measuring junction is thermally isolated from the metal bolt mass, assuring accurate reading of the melt temperature up to 260°C (500°F) continuous. Bolt is 300 series stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Shim Style

The shim stock thermocouple has low profile and can be placed between components for measurement of surface temperature.

Nozzle Style